viernes, 14 de febrero de 2014

All the things you are (Jorge) (transcription of my own ideas)

This is another kind of work: I wrote a solo trying to hear in my mind what I'd like to hear myself playing , with the idea of decoupling my mind from my ear, and get closer and closer of the kind of player I'd like to be. It's a transcription exercise, but instead of transcribing other musician, the source is myself and what I'd like to hear played by someone else.

Etude No. 1 (Jorge)

Here is the Etude N°1 - C major, for guitar. It belongs to a series, which I'm going to upload piecewise, and I will try to record myself and upload the proper audio for each one. The purpose of this series is part of an attempt to get myself in to the composition craft, along with other kind of compositions, mainly instrumental, but for other formats, which I hope reach this blog as well. As you can see through the series, there are no corrections, because this are mainly frozen improvisations, without proper development of ideas, and lack of details, but overall it works for me!